Hello and long time no see! 2021 has been a crazy busy year for me and I am so excited to update you all on what has happened. 

The labledbylily account has not been as active this past year, however I am determined to make 2022 THE year! 

2021 has taught me so much about myself, and has definitely prepared me for what is to come in 2022. In the spring of 2021, I was accepted into the PINK campus representative program, in which two reps are chosen per school across 125 universities.

This opportunity has been the chance of a lifetime, and I have been able to meet so many wonderful people along the way. From connecting with reps across the nation, to meeting my amazing co-rep to work alongside, my network has substantially grown. Within this program, reps are in charge of all PINK social media platforms for their school, and promoting VS PINK to all students! We are sent merchandise to post and wear around campus, as well as send reviews to various clothing and beauty products.

As reps, we have a team of 5 that work with us to help coordinate and execute events for the year. This experience has been one like no other! (If anyone is interested I can write a blog post dedicated to being a Campus Rep as well!!)

Some more exciting events that have occurred during 2021 include my involvement with student organizations on campus. I was fortunate enough to become the Publicity Chair for Michigan State’s Corporate Retail Association, and was accepted into VIM magazines’s Fashion Relations team! If you are a student at Michigan State and interested in fashion, these are two wonderful organizations to join! I have gotten the chance to hear from alumni who now work at Dior, GQ, and so many more! 

This year was a busy time, filled with many great memories, however I am ready for 2022, and cannot wait for my audience to grow:) 

A shout out to everyone who has been reading since the beginning, I appreciate your support more than you know!❤️

Talk to you all soon<3


Happy July friends! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the summer? 

Today I wanted to touch on my Go-To summer pieces! 

Ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry, I will rank my top 5 all time FAVS!

5. From the bottom up, we will start with Steve Madden Platforms. I cannot emphasize my love for these shoes. The simple black platform is a great everyday staple whether you are going for a casual night out wearing jeans, or a summer party, Steve Madden’s gotcha covered. I may have gone a bitttt overboard with my platform collection….

4. Next up is my favorite accessory: chunky gold necklaces! Last summer a small business reached out to me with a coupon code to try out their growing brand and I thought, why not! I ordered the cutest chunky chain and fell in love with it. My exact chain is no longer available, but here is her site! I encourage you to give it a look:)  tinyurl.com/hf6j25tk

3. I am SO excited to talk about this next piece! These tops have been my favorite for going out with friends or even lounging around. I have to resist each time I walk into Urban Outfitters… the top is the Out From Under Hailey Seamless Plunging Bra Top. I can easily say this is the comfiest shirt in my closet and can be worn with or without a bra! (perk!!) 

2. This is a new summer staple for me this year, but I can definitely state it lives up to the hype. The oversized button up shirt (mine worn as a lightweight cover up) has changed my beach day looks. This lightweight button up is perfect to dress up an occasion, or to add some spice to an everyday look. (top linked on my LTK!)

  1. And last but not least, as I’m sure some of you may have guessed…the infamous tennis skirt! 

My tennis skirt is definitely my prized possession during the summertime. It is super comfortable, and you can wear it anywhere. I frequently dress up my tennis skirt with platforms or wedges, but also dress it down with sneakers. It can easily be paired with a hoodie to add that causal factor, however also a going-out type top to make it a bit fancier. 

I hope you all find these tips interesting/helpful in your search for summer staples. Talk to you soon


To anyone reading this, thank you for sticking with me! 

Navigating my first year of college while maintaining my blog and fashion account got to be a little too much second semester. I truly needed to focus on school and myself before fully dedicating myself back here.

I am very excited to say the monthly blog posts will be back in full swing! This summer I am excited to come back better than ever and talk about all the fun things happening in my life and in the world of fashion. 

Let’s get into the fun stuff… shall we?!

As we all know, various social media platforms display countless “beauty hacks” to help make beauty a bit more simple. But how do we know these hacks actually work? 

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite beauty hacks that I use ALL the time and are 100% worth the time. 

  1. Robe Curls

I cannot rave about the robe curls enough! I found this hack on tiktok and it has saved me so much time and heat protection. For this hack, you are going to take the string of your robe, and put one half on one side of your hair and vise versa. Looking at one side, you are going to section your hair into two pieces and basically braid your hair with the robe tie included. After you are finished, just go to sleep (or wait a few hours) and take out the braids! This what your final result should look like:

  1. Nail Polish Hack

Are you ever waiting hours for your nails to dry, and even when you think they are set, one bump and the whole nail is messy? I love to paint my own nails, and this is a struggle I face every time. However, there is one simple hack! After you are finished painting your nails (i wait about 10 so they are less wet), dip your fingers in ice cold water. After a couple of minutes, take your fingers out and lightly dry them off. Your nails should be completely dry and shouldn’t dent either!

  1. Eyelash Curling Hack

I have to give my roommate credit for this one, it has changed my life! My eyelashes have always been straight out, with minimal curl and even when I curl them, they still fall flat. However, when adding a little bit of heat to the curler, my lashes stay! Now, my routine includes heating up my lash curler with a lighter before applying. It is very important to heat it only slightly, you do NOT want to burn your lashes off!! I always test it on my hand or cheek to get a feel for the temperature. After curling just applying your mascara as normal and voila! 

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my fav beauty hacks I use consistently in my routine! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you here again soon?

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!

Recently, I have discovered how much fashion has an impact on my self esteem and emotions. During these times, it is very hard to find occasions to get all dolled up. However, here are a few things that have helped me keep my confidence up without wearing makeup and jeans everyday!

Step 1, Loungewear.

Find some cute and cozy loungewear!! Right now, fashion companies are putting a large emphasis on loungewear because everyone is working from home! By wearing a cute set of loungewear, you will automatically feel more confident and productive. 

2) Step 2, Jewelry. 

Never underestimate the power of some simple jewelry! You may not even realize, but earrings really do make a difference. The minute I put on some cute earrings, a necklace and some rings, I am ready to start the day! As many of you may know, I am a huge hoop girl! One of my close friends recently invested in some hoops, and she told me she now understands my obsession! Hoops transform your look, and make you look like a bad b**** in the process!

Step 3, Take Pics.

Get dressed up for fun! Because there aren’t many places to go, (especially in Michigan) get dressed up and go take pics with your friends! It is so fun to get ready with friends and drive around looking for cute places to go. I can definitely say I have had more than one photoshoot in quarantine. And if you don’t like being photographed, just be yourself and have fun. Who says the pictures have to go anywhere? Just getting ready and feeling presentable is the goal:)

Step 4, Distance From Social Media.

Because there is not much going on in our day to day lives, it is easy to get wrapped up into instagram, snapchat, tiktok, etc. As you all know, this can be detrimental to our mental health. By comparing yourself to insta models or famous tiktokers you are constantly tearing yourself down. You may not even realize you are doing it! This is why it is super important to make sure you are creating time for yourself. Whether it is journaling, art, sports, or listening to music, having an outlet to just think is extremely important for your confidence. 

Step 5, Wear What You Want.

I cannot emphasize this enough, wear what is going to make YOU feel the most confident! It is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. The only way to truly do so is to wear what makes you feel YOU! (as you can probably tell, I feel very passionate about the YOU) My biggest piece of advice to shoppers is to wear what you will feel most comfortable in. If you are in love with an outfit, you will automatically radiate that confidence. I truthfully think fashion has significantly impacted my confidence growth. So, moral of the story, you do you! Wear that dress that you love, buy those shoes that you can’t stop thinking about, you deserve it.

I hope these tips can make quarantine and this year a little easier:) Thank you all for reading, it means the world<3

With love, 


I am super excited to share with you all my 2021 wardrobe MUST haves! I will link these staples or ones similar on my liketoknow.it @ labeledbylily https://www.liketoknow.it/labeledbylily

Let’s get started!<3

First up, my all time favorite tops to layer and wear during the summer are the Amazon Alisister Sports Bra tanks. I live in these tops? They are extremely flattering and surprisingly comfortable! I have three different colors and if that doesn’t convince you to invest, I don’t know what will!:)

TENNIS SKIRT! I cannot emphasize this one enough. My family and friends know that I seriously wear my tennis skirt every other day in the summer, and I am not ashamed! Tennis skirts are so versatile and the combinations are endless. The only disappointing thing about the skirt is that Michigan weather does NOT cooperate. Oh how I wish I could have worn the skirt with a crew neck and collared shirt, but fall around here means full blown winter gear. Enough of my blabbing, go get yourself a tennis skirt!! You will not regret it??

Both the amazon top and the tennis skirt are pictured!

I feel it is only fitting to include some shoes in here:) I am a shoe junkie and cannot pick a favorite pair, but I will include a few of my staples. First, I simply could not live without converse. This summer I invested in the new platforms and I can’t get enough of them! They are clean, chic, and never go out of style. Second pair is my green Nike Air Force 1’s. I will say…these shoes have my heart. Finally, you can’t be a college girl if you don’t have a pair of Doc Martens. I recently got maroon platforms and they definitely add some spice to my closet!

These next few tanks are recent additions to my closet, but must haves for sure. The Urban Outfitters Out From Under Hailey Seamless Plunging Bra Top. I got one of these tops for Christmas and immediately ordered another. They are super flattering, no matter what your bra size! There are tons of colors to choose from & they are comfy! 10/10 recommend.

The last item I will rave about is my new BDG mom jeans. The fit is unreal and has to be my favorite pair. I never knew I needed pants that fit so perfectly! I will say jeans are tricky because they fit every person quite differently, but I think if you are looking for a new pair of mom jeans, definitely give BDG a shot! 

These are just my top 5 favorite pieces that I seriously cannot go a week without! I hope this is helpful for anyone looking for some daily staples:) 

Have a great week my loves<3


Merry Christmas everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season, even with the differences this year has brought us. 

This week I wanted to talk about shopping for fashion on a budget! As you all know it can be quite difficult to constantly wear the newest trends. Personally, I know it can get pretty pricey as well. 

However, if you are looking to expand your wardrobe with little spending money, I have some helpful tips to share!!

TIP #1: One of my friends recently gave me this advice and it is super helpful when you are shopping. When you find something that you like, but it is more money than you are looking to spend, ask yourself: Would I wear it as many times as the price tag? This has saved me on numerous occasions because in reality, I know I would not wear a specific jacket 70 times, or certain pants 80 times. You may not realize it at first, but in the long run it will save you tons!

TIP #2: Nowadays it can be tricky to shop sustainably on a budget. However, there are many small businesses that are relatively inexpensive and promote sustainability! If you are looking to take part in changing the industry to being more eco-friendly, invest your $$ into these businesses!

TIP #3: Do NOT try and buy everything that is currently trending just to stay up to date with influencers. Many influencers are gifted this clothing and are not spending a fortune to get every new item. Trends come and go with each season, so be conscious of which items you will actually wear for more than one month. Being practical is quite hard with fashion, but when you are on a budget it is the most important factor! 

These are just three tips that I live by when shopping! There are plenty others, but I just wanted to give you all a quick idea of some things you can do to save $$$!

Have a great week lovelies,


Hello lovelies! Exams are coming up this week so this blog is going to be a touch shorter than normal, but I still wanted to share some fun holiday tricks for this upcoming season. ?

As Christmas is closing in, the gifting season is in full swing. I am here to provide some perfect gift ideas to hopefully ease some of the tension you may be feeling this season. 

Stocking Stuffers

My all time favorite lip gloss is the glossier cushiony glassy shine. I am not huge in the beauty industry and could not tell you much about it, but all I know is this lip gloss works wonders. It stays on for the whole night while maintaining its shine…the best??  Another necessity in my beauty collection is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara. When I tell you my eyelashes have never looked longer, and for only $7! As you all may know tiktok has shined a light on the Revlon blow-dryer brush, and I will say this product was 100% worth the purchase. I have always had trouble styling my hair, and I always feel after I blow dry my hair it is 10x more frizzy. However, after purchasing the revlon brush, it looks like I got a blowout each time! It is honestly one of my smartest haircare purchases! The last product I’ll mention is the Isle of Paradise tanning water. Once again, another tiktok find, but totally worth every penny. Living in Michigan does not do my skin any favors during the winter, so this tanning water has drastically improved my completion. Whenever I am feeling down I spray some of this on my face and rub it in with a tanning mit, 4-6 hours later I’ve got a natural summer glow? 

These are just a few of my fav items, perfect for gift giving & stocking stuffers! Best wishes to everyone this holiday season and don’t forget to check out my liketoknow.it for even more gifting ideas!

With love,

Labeledbylily ❤️

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend:) mine was very relaxing, after a super busy week at school I needed to binge some netflix and ice cream?

This week I am very excited to talk about the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit! If you are following my instagram, you may have seen my stories regarding this event.

Here’s a summary

Vogue Forces of Fashion is typically an in person summit where speakers ranging from designers and photographers to models and even pop stars talk about their experiences in the  industry. This year I listened to a variety of speakers, but my favorites were Virgil Abloh (founder of Off-White and head of Louis Vuitton’s menswear), Bella Hadid, and Ethan James Green (fashion photographer and model).

Hearing the stories and background of all of these speakers was truly fascinating. I have never been surrounded by so many influential people, even if it was virtually. It was very interesting to hear about the current changes within the industry and the shifting perspectives. Currently, sustainability is a hot topic in the industry, and with fashion being one of the top contributors in pollution it must be addressed. Another large theme of the event was inclusion and diversity in the industry. Models such as Paloma Elsesser and Precious Lee discussed the importance of body positivity and inclusion on the runway. The modeling industry is slowly making changes for the better. Although the process may be slow, the models and fans are encouraged and ready for the change!

This was a super cool event to be a part of and a huge shoutout to Michigan State’s VIM magazine for providing me the opportunity to attend! I hope you all learned a little bit more about fashion and I will see you next week?

With love,

Labeledbylily <3

 Highlighting My Favorite Small Business 

Happy Sunday friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend:) I am super excited to be talking about my favorite small business today: Penelope’s Earrings! I know it can be hard, but it is so important to shop small, not only for our business owners but also the environment. Sustainability is very important in this industry and shopping small is a great way to do your part. 

Now, let’s talk about earrings! Penelope’s business has the cutest earrings EVER! I have looked all around for affordable yet sustainable earrings such as these and I am so happy I found Penelope’s earrings. Not only are they cute, but also very diverse. These earrings range from small huggies to threaders and to clay earrings. Even better, the earrings are great quality. Shopping for jewelry online can be difficult because you never know what you are getting, but I am here to tell you these are the best. Penelope even attaches a note sharing how to properly take care of them so they remain just as beautiful as when you purchased them. I ordered a pair of lightning bolt huggies and omg…they are my favorite things ever. The designs are endless! Penelope just came out with a holiday collection and they are gorgeous. She has stars, crosses and butterflies in her newest collection, perfect for the holiday season (and gift giving!!!) 

If you are interested in buying any of Penelope’s earrings, head over to Penelope.earrings.xo on instagram and shoot her a DM of the pair you would like to purchase! These earrings are seriously the perfect gift so be sure to check out her site!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (i know it is november 1st, but I am ready to talk about costumes so we are saying is october 31st) As Mean Girls states: “in girl world, Halloween is the one time of year a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it” Now I definitely do not have that mindset when it comes to Halloween, but I do love seeing everyone dress up and get creative (and I couldn’t resist a mean girls quote). This year, I was Barbie and loved dressing up as it! With the high ponytail and pink nails, I was ready to go! But I will say, one costume idea I loved was a “holy cow”. I think this costume is so creative and it is the cutest! With a cow print set and an angel halo, you are a holy cow!! This costume is especially perfect at this time of year, because cow print is huge right now. I’m not going to lie, I was not the biggest fan of cow print in the beginning, but now I can’t get enough of it. One thing I love about Halloween is seeing everyone’s posts on social media of their costumes. Especially in times such as these when you can’t see large groups of people, seeing friends and families costumes on instagram and facebook is super fun. With 2020 being the crazy year it is, I think Halloween was a fun way for people to get a bit of normalcy and pretend to be someone else for the night. I know my mom (safely social distanced of course) handed out candy this year, and I thought that in doing this, kids are going to feel much more at ease and honestly normal. Nobody could have expected what was going to happen this year, and I truthfully think that young kids are getting hit very hard by it. Mental health is a very important topic to recognize and discuss, and i believe halloween is one day that could truthfully change kids lives right now. Giving everyone a bit of normalcy is crucial in these times. On a lighter note, I hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween, and happy november!! See you next week:)

With Love, 

Labeledbylily <3