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  • Life Recap

    Life Recap

    Let me just start by saying, I am back from my hiatus. When I first started this page, I was eager to share my passion with anyone who would listen. I still feel this way, however post-quarantine, life got busy. Throughout 2020, I was consistently posting blogs and sharing my favorite things, however it became […]

  • 2021→ 2022

    2021→ 2022<3

    Hello and long time no see! 2021 has been a crazy busy year for me and I am so excited to update you all on what has happened.  The labledbylily account has not been as active this past year, however I am determined to make 2022 THE year!  2021 has taught me so much about […]

  • My Fav Summer Staples

    My Fav Summer Staples

    Happy July friends! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the summer?  Today I wanted to touch on my Go-To summer pieces!  Ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry, I will rank my top 5 all time FAVS! 5. From the bottom up, we will start with Steve Madden Platforms. I cannot emphasize my […]

  • Welcome back! & Beauty hacks

    Welcome back! & Beauty hacks

    To anyone reading this, thank you for sticking with me!  Navigating my first year of college while maintaining my blog and fashion account got to be a little too much second semester. I truly needed to focus on school and myself before fully dedicating myself back here. I am very excited to say the monthly […]

  • 5 Ways Fashion Can Boost Your Confidence!

    5 Ways Fashion Can Boost Your Confidence!

    Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone! Recently, I have discovered how much fashion has an impact on my self esteem and emotions. During these times, it is very hard to find occasions to get all dolled up. However, here are a few things that have helped me keep my confidence up without wearing makeup and jeans everyday! […]

  • My 2021 Closet Essentials

    My 2021 Closet Essentials

    I am super excited to share with you all my 2021 wardrobe MUST haves! I will link these staples or ones similar on my @ labeledbylily Let’s get started!<3 First up, my all time favorite tops to layer and wear during the summer are the Amazon Alisister Sports Bra tanks. I live in […]

  • My Wardrobe Tips

    My Wardrobe Tips

    Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season, even with the differences this year has brought us.  This week I wanted to talk about shopping for fashion on a budget! As you all know it can be quite difficult to constantly wear the newest trends. Personally, I know it can get pretty […]

  • Holiday Stocking Stuffers

    Holiday Stocking Stuffers

    Hello lovelies! Exams are coming up this week so this blog is going to be a touch shorter than normal, but I still wanted to share some fun holiday tricks for this upcoming season. ? As Christmas is closing in, the gifting season is in full swing. I am here to provide some perfect gift […]

  • Vogue Forces of Fashion

    Vogue Forces of Fashion

    Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend:) mine was very relaxing, after a super busy week at school I needed to binge some netflix and ice cream? This week I am very excited to talk about the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit! If you are following my instagram, you may have seen my […]

  • Highlighting My Favorite Small Business

    Highlighting My Favorite Small Business

     Highlighting My Favorite Small Business  Happy Sunday friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend:) I am super excited to be talking about my favorite small business today: Penelope’s Earrings! I know it can be hard, but it is so important to shop small, not only for our business owners but also the environment. Sustainability […]