My 2021 Closet Essentials

I am super excited to share with you all my 2021 wardrobe MUST haves! I will link these staples or ones similar on my @ labeledbylily

Let’s get started!<3

First up, my all time favorite tops to layer and wear during the summer are the Amazon Alisister Sports Bra tanks. I live in these tops? They are extremely flattering and surprisingly comfortable! I have three different colors and if that doesn’t convince you to invest, I don’t know what will!:)

TENNIS SKIRT! I cannot emphasize this one enough. My family and friends know that I seriously wear my tennis skirt every other day in the summer, and I am not ashamed! Tennis skirts are so versatile and the combinations are endless. The only disappointing thing about the skirt is that Michigan weather does NOT cooperate. Oh how I wish I could have worn the skirt with a crew neck and collared shirt, but fall around here means full blown winter gear. Enough of my blabbing, go get yourself a tennis skirt!! You will not regret it??

Both the amazon top and the tennis skirt are pictured!

I feel it is only fitting to include some shoes in here:) I am a shoe junkie and cannot pick a favorite pair, but I will include a few of my staples. First, I simply could not live without converse. This summer I invested in the new platforms and I can’t get enough of them! They are clean, chic, and never go out of style. Second pair is my green Nike Air Force 1’s. I will say…these shoes have my heart. Finally, you can’t be a college girl if you don’t have a pair of Doc Martens. I recently got maroon platforms and they definitely add some spice to my closet!

These next few tanks are recent additions to my closet, but must haves for sure. The Urban Outfitters Out From Under Hailey Seamless Plunging Bra Top. I got one of these tops for Christmas and immediately ordered another. They are super flattering, no matter what your bra size! There are tons of colors to choose from & they are comfy! 10/10 recommend.

The last item I will rave about is my new BDG mom jeans. The fit is unreal and has to be my favorite pair. I never knew I needed pants that fit so perfectly! I will say jeans are tricky because they fit every person quite differently, but I think if you are looking for a new pair of mom jeans, definitely give BDG a shot! 

These are just my top 5 favorite pieces that I seriously cannot go a week without! I hope this is helpful for anyone looking for some daily staples:) 

Have a great week my loves<3







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