Welcome back! & Beauty hacks

To anyone reading this, thank you for sticking with me! 

Navigating my first year of college while maintaining my blog and fashion account got to be a little too much second semester. I truly needed to focus on school and myself before fully dedicating myself back here.

I am very excited to say the monthly blog posts will be back in full swing! This summer I am excited to come back better than ever and talk about all the fun things happening in my life and in the world of fashion. 

Let’s get into the fun stuff… shall we?!

As we all know, various social media platforms display countless “beauty hacks” to help make beauty a bit more simple. But how do we know these hacks actually work? 

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite beauty hacks that I use ALL the time and are 100% worth the time. 

  1. Robe Curls

I cannot rave about the robe curls enough! I found this hack on tiktok and it has saved me so much time and heat protection. For this hack, you are going to take the string of your robe, and put one half on one side of your hair and vise versa. Looking at one side, you are going to section your hair into two pieces and basically braid your hair with the robe tie included. After you are finished, just go to sleep (or wait a few hours) and take out the braids! This what your final result should look like:

  1. Nail Polish Hack

Are you ever waiting hours for your nails to dry, and even when you think they are set, one bump and the whole nail is messy? I love to paint my own nails, and this is a struggle I face every time. However, there is one simple hack! After you are finished painting your nails (i wait about 10 so they are less wet), dip your fingers in ice cold water. After a couple of minutes, take your fingers out and lightly dry them off. Your nails should be completely dry and shouldn’t dent either!

  1. Eyelash Curling Hack

I have to give my roommate credit for this one, it has changed my life! My eyelashes have always been straight out, with minimal curl and even when I curl them, they still fall flat. However, when adding a little bit of heat to the curler, my lashes stay! Now, my routine includes heating up my lash curler with a lighter before applying. It is very important to heat it only slightly, you do NOT want to burn your lashes off!! I always test it on my hand or cheek to get a feel for the temperature. After curling just applying your mascara as normal and voila! 

I hope you guys enjoyed some of my fav beauty hacks I use consistently in my routine! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you here again soon?






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