My Fav Summer Staples

Happy July friends! I can’t believe we are already halfway through the summer? 

Today I wanted to touch on my Go-To summer pieces! 

Ranging from tops, bottoms, shoes and jewelry, I will rank my top 5 all time FAVS!

5. From the bottom up, we will start with Steve Madden Platforms. I cannot emphasize my love for these shoes. The simple black platform is a great everyday staple whether you are going for a casual night out wearing jeans, or a summer party, Steve Madden’s gotcha covered. I may have gone a bitttt overboard with my platform collection….

4. Next up is my favorite accessory: chunky gold necklaces! Last summer a small business reached out to me with a coupon code to try out their growing brand and I thought, why not! I ordered the cutest chunky chain and fell in love with it. My exact chain is no longer available, but here is her site! I encourage you to give it a look:)

3. I am SO excited to talk about this next piece! These tops have been my favorite for going out with friends or even lounging around. I have to resist each time I walk into Urban Outfitters… the top is the Out From Under Hailey Seamless Plunging Bra Top. I can easily say this is the comfiest shirt in my closet and can be worn with or without a bra! (perk!!) 

2. This is a new summer staple for me this year, but I can definitely state it lives up to the hype. The oversized button up shirt (mine worn as a lightweight cover up) has changed my beach day looks. This lightweight button up is perfect to dress up an occasion, or to add some spice to an everyday look. (top linked on my LTK!)

  1. And last but not least, as I’m sure some of you may have guessed…the infamous tennis skirt! 

My tennis skirt is definitely my prized possession during the summertime. It is super comfortable, and you can wear it anywhere. I frequently dress up my tennis skirt with platforms or wedges, but also dress it down with sneakers. It can easily be paired with a hoodie to add that causal factor, however also a going-out type top to make it a bit fancier. 

I hope you all find these tips interesting/helpful in your search for summer staples. Talk to you soon







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