Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Hello lovelies! Exams are coming up this week so this blog is going to be a touch shorter than normal, but I still wanted to share some fun holiday tricks for this upcoming season. ?

As Christmas is closing in, the gifting season is in full swing. I am here to provide some perfect gift ideas to hopefully ease some of the tension you may be feeling this season. 

Stocking Stuffers

My all time favorite lip gloss is the glossier cushiony glassy shine. I am not huge in the beauty industry and could not tell you much about it, but all I know is this lip gloss works wonders. It stays on for the whole night while maintaining its shine…the best??  Another necessity in my beauty collection is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara. When I tell you my eyelashes have never looked longer, and for only $7! As you all may know tiktok has shined a light on the Revlon blow-dryer brush, and I will say this product was 100% worth the purchase. I have always had trouble styling my hair, and I always feel after I blow dry my hair it is 10x more frizzy. However, after purchasing the revlon brush, it looks like I got a blowout each time! It is honestly one of my smartest haircare purchases! The last product I’ll mention is the Isle of Paradise tanning water. Once again, another tiktok find, but totally worth every penny. Living in Michigan does not do my skin any favors during the winter, so this tanning water has drastically improved my completion. Whenever I am feeling down I spray some of this on my face and rub it in with a tanning mit, 4-6 hours later I’ve got a natural summer glow? 

These are just a few of my fav items, perfect for gift giving & stocking stuffers! Best wishes to everyone this holiday season and don’t forget to check out my for even more gifting ideas!

With love,

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