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Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend:) mine was very relaxing, after a super busy week at school I needed to binge some netflix and ice cream?

This week I am very excited to talk about the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit! If you are following my instagram, you may have seen my stories regarding this event.

Here’s a summary

Vogue Forces of Fashion is typically an in person summit where speakers ranging from designers and photographers to models and even pop stars talk about their experiences in the  industry. This year I listened to a variety of speakers, but my favorites were Virgil Abloh (founder of Off-White and head of Louis Vuitton’s menswear), Bella Hadid, and Ethan James Green (fashion photographer and model).

Hearing the stories and background of all of these speakers was truly fascinating. I have never been surrounded by so many influential people, even if it was virtually. It was very interesting to hear about the current changes within the industry and the shifting perspectives. Currently, sustainability is a hot topic in the industry, and with fashion being one of the top contributors in pollution it must be addressed. Another large theme of the event was inclusion and diversity in the industry. Models such as Paloma Elsesser and Precious Lee discussed the importance of body positivity and inclusion on the runway. The modeling industry is slowly making changes for the better. Although the process may be slow, the models and fans are encouraged and ready for the change!

This was a super cool event to be a part of and a huge shoutout to Michigan State’s VIM magazine for providing me the opportunity to attend! I hope you all learned a little bit more about fashion and I will see you next week?

With love,

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