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Happy Sunday everyone! This week I am super excited to talk about my favorite fall pieces! With fall well under way, I am going to share my best fall tips and tricks. Starting off, this year I have noticed a huggge spike in unique jackets, blazers, and winter coats. Last year, sherpas were the new thing, so warm and cozy, you had to have one! (did i get carried away and have two?…yes) This year however I am noticing a variety of extremely fashionable jackets. The term used to describe this new trend is a “shacket”. If you look up #shacket on instagram, you will 100% understand the vibe. Basically the shacket is (in most cases) a flannel shirt, but heavier material making it a jacket! (hense shirt-jacket) You can find these “shackets” at Zara, ASOS, H&M and more. H&M is one specific store in which I have noticed the fall lineup is I N S A N E. Not only have they started selling these shackets, but they have other amazing fall must haves. One item in particular that i love are their long sleeve A-Line dresses. Pair this dress with a pair of Doc Martens/chelsea boots and you’ve got yourself a gorg fall look. Moving to shoes, right now docs and black fall boots are all the rage. I am guilty of investing in both…and want another pair??‍♀️ Seeing all of the different kinds of boots makes me want even more! My relationship with shopping has gone up significantly since starting my fashion account, lol! I will say, any type of platform boot has my heart, it’s a weakness to say the least haha! However pro tip, be very careful in choosing what socks to wear with doc martens, I have to admit I did just get a pretty rough blister due to my poor sock choice, so do what you will with that information? Overall, my current favorite fall staples include these new shackets, long sleeve a line dresses (flowy of course) and platform boots!! I can’t wait to see everyones fall styles? 

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