2021→ 2022<3

Hello and long time no see! 2021 has been a crazy busy year for me and I am so excited to update you all on what has happened. 

The labledbylily account has not been as active this past year, however I am determined to make 2022 THE year! 

2021 has taught me so much about myself, and has definitely prepared me for what is to come in 2022. In the spring of 2021, I was accepted into the PINK campus representative program, in which two reps are chosen per school across 125 universities.

This opportunity has been the chance of a lifetime, and I have been able to meet so many wonderful people along the way. From connecting with reps across the nation, to meeting my amazing co-rep to work alongside, my network has substantially grown. Within this program, reps are in charge of all PINK social media platforms for their school, and promoting VS PINK to all students! We are sent merchandise to post and wear around campus, as well as send reviews to various clothing and beauty products.

As reps, we have a team of 5 that work with us to help coordinate and execute events for the year. This experience has been one like no other! (If anyone is interested I can write a blog post dedicated to being a Campus Rep as well!!)

Some more exciting events that have occurred during 2021 include my involvement with student organizations on campus. I was fortunate enough to become the Publicity Chair for Michigan State’s Corporate Retail Association, and was accepted into VIM magazines’s Fashion Relations team! If you are a student at Michigan State and interested in fashion, these are two wonderful organizations to join! I have gotten the chance to hear from alumni who now work at Dior, GQ, and so many more! 

This year was a busy time, filled with many great memories, however I am ready for 2022, and cannot wait for my audience to grow:) 

A shout out to everyone who has been reading since the beginning, I appreciate your support more than you know!❤️

Talk to you all soon<3







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