Christmas List Ideas

hello beautiful people, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend:) Is anyone else itching for the holidays right now? I seriously could not be more excited! School is a nice distraction from all of the changes in the world at the moment but I could definitely use a break? Michigan however decided to be kind this week, and give us more beautiful weather than I could have imagined in November. Last Sunday it snowed, and this Sunday it is 73 degrees and sunny…but i am not complaining! Although the weather is warm, it is not stopping me from getting into the holiday spirit! My roommate and I are already planning how we are going to decorate our apartment for Christmas…YAY! This is a perfect reminder to start your Christmas lists folks, it is going to come up quickly! I will link some Christmas list outfit ideas on for you all to check out and shop through<3 What is on my Christmas list you may ask? With how crazy school is, I haven’t had much time to think about it, but I am positive some new jewelry will be on my list (more details coming next week?) When I think about the actual happiness associated with the holidays, it isn’t the food or the presents, it is truthfully my family. With this being my first semester away from home, I am ecstatic to see my family over the holidays! I know that with the current times, holiday’s may look a bit different than normal, however I believe we all have it in us to get through these tough times and make the most out of every situation. The biggest lesson I have learned through COVID-19 is everything happens for a reason, even if it is a very hard process. My favorite piece of advice is to have faith, and push through. We can get through this, I believe in us:) Although this blog is not as much fashion focused, I thought I would give everyone more of a lifestyle post this week! Also I really just want to emphasize that if you are reading this and following my instagram it truly means the world. It can get very overwhelming juggling school, social life, and truthfully this is my job! So i really appreciate you guys sticking through this with me even when I may be slacking or having a rough posting week. I love you all so much, and my goal is to be more interactive on instagram via story posting and polls, so I hope to learn more about all of you there:)

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